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A message from Cappagh Kids.

We hope everyone in our Cappagh Kids family is well during this difficult time for us as a country and as a planet.

Unfortunately we have had to stop all planned surgical and out patients elective activity for the moment as many of us are needed elsewhere and to stop the spread of the virus.

However, some children had started their journey with surgery happening before the virus outbreak and they need our on-going care and support.

Our team of doctors, nurses and physiotherapists will continue to see these children but not always in the usual way…….

We have set up video conferencing to conduct physiotherapy reviews and nursing reviews at home.

We have moved into a standalone paediatric area at the National Orthopaedic Hospital and are seeing urgent issues with one hour between each patient.

Urgent surgical cases are still being done for now with our expert paediatric anaesthetics team. These are assessed on a case by case basis and primarily for children already in external fixators.

While you and your children are working hard at home school we hope to soon have some fun distractions available across Cappagh Hospital Foundation’s Social Media  and Hospital websites. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for these!

We will begin editing our patient video stories and hope to share them with you all in  the coming month.

This will be a long and difficult time for us all. None of us will pass through it unscathed.

Together in our own families is a time for caring and patience

Together as a nation we have always united to achieve the seemingly impossible in many fields and we will do it again

Together in our Cappagh Kids family we will be here for those who need us now and be preparing for those who will need us more than ever when this battle is won

Best wishes from all our team

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