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Leo Halpin, 76, County Dublin.

Fifteen years ago Leo was referred to Cappagh National Orthopaedic Hospital by his Doctor for a hip replacement. Leo says he was crippled with the pain and this had a negative impact on the quality of his day to day life. At least 4,500 hip replacements are carried out each year in...


Since the establishment of Cappagh Hospital Foundation in 1988, over 40 Medical Research projects have been funded by you. Over many years, medical professionals conducting critical research and investigating the causes of, and potential treatments for orthopaedic conditions and illnesses have been conducted within the medical field. The tireless efforts of...

Teaching & Training

Cappagh Hospital Foundation, with your donations, has been able to support the advancement of education through teaching and training in Orthopaedics at National Orthopaedic Hospital Cappagh. There have been over 60 Fellowships sponsored since 1988 and over 20 lectures held in The Lady Martin Auditorium. The reason it is so...

Ruth Walsh

January 2018: In January we were visited by the  inspirational Ruth Walsh and were delighted that she and her Dad had time to have a cuppa with us. Ruth presented the CHF with a cheque for funds raised by Bridestown Towers Equestrian Centre where Ruth has returned to horse riding!...

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