Boney Maloney Christmas Appeal

Department of Orthopaedic Medicine

All Boney Maloney wants for Christmas is to help patients like Rosina

A generous donation to the Cappagh Hospital Foundation this Christmas will ensure that the hospital can help more patients like 60-year-old Rosina who is now free from a life of debilitating pain.

Hi, I’m Boney Maloney, the new Fundraising Ambassador at Cappagh Hospital Foundation (CHF). It is my mission to raise enough funds, so our patients have access to everything they need to be as happy in their bones as me.

I wanted to share Rosina’s story to show the impact your generosity has on the patients that come through our doors.

Rosina’s Story

Rosina was fit, healthy and in her early fifties in 2016 when her left thigh started to niggle. As she had a history of depression her doctor thought it might be a symptom of her depression and prescribed anti-depressants. The pain got worse and worse, and the years slipped by.

By 2018, Rosina had no quality of life. She wasn’t sleeping. She was struggling at work, and she felt totally hopeless about the future. Finally, an MRI in 2021 showed that there was no cartilage. The only option was a hip replacement, and she was told the best place to have it done was the National Orthopaedic Hospital Cappagh.

“I was working as a substitute teacher and was loading up on a cocktail of difene, paracetamol, and other meds just to get through the day. Supervising exams I would have to hold onto the desks just to walk around. The pain became so unbearable I had to leave my job.” Rosina

The night before her hip replacement Rosina stayed with her son and his wife. They could hear her in the next room crying out with the pain so the next morning couldn’t come around fast enough.

Rosina couldn’t wait to get onto the operating table and close her eyes.

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“Mr Cashman told me that the pain would be completely gone after the operation but honestly, I didn’t believe him. I had lived with this pain for six years; it had become so normalised that I couldn’t imagine my life without it. Boy was I pleasantly surprised.” Rosina

After Rosina was wheeled into recovery, she put the lack of pain down to the morphine she was on, but she says she has never had any pain since that day. Life is bright again.

Rosina recently celebrated her 60th birthday with a trip to Dublin and she has a family holiday to Cobh planned next summer. She is pain-free and back at work and she says her scar is almost invisible.

Rosina wanted to share her story so that the generous supporters of the Cappagh Hospital Foundation and the NOHC understand the real and tangible difference donations make to people like her.


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