Hold your own fundraiser

If you’d like to support us by holding your own fundraiser, we have some fun ideas to get you started!

Walk a Mile for Cappagh

We’re delighted to launch our annual Walk a Mile for Cappagh! For the month of September, you can support Cappagh Hospital Foundation and help change lives by walking, running or wheeling a mile, anytime, anywhere.

Walk a mile, donate €5 and nominate 5 friends and family to take part. Now, more than ever, your support will make a difference.

Donate at www.chf.ie/donate. Thank you!

Kitchen Creations for Cappagh

Want to bring people together through baking to raise funds for Cappagh Hospital Foundation?

Whether it’s a bake sale, bake off or a competitive masterchef series, there are plenty of ways to bring your Kitchen Creation fundraiser to life.

To hold your own Kitchen Creations fundraiser, please contact Valeria@chf.ie.

Don’t forget to share your Kitchen Creations over on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Cuppa for Cappagh

Cuppa? There are endless possibilities with Cuppa for Cappagh.

A cold, miserable day? Cozy up with a hot cup of tea, hot chocolate or even some nice homemade soup. If it’s a bit of a scorcher, why not go for a cuppa ice-cream, fresh fruit or iced coffee.

Cuppa for Cappagh can be as simple or as elaborate as you like and is fully customisable but is sure to bring people to get for chats no matter how you execute it.

If you’d like to have a chat about hosting your own Cuppa for Cappagh, please contact Valeria@chf.ie

These are just a few ideas of the many possibilities available to hold your own fundraiser to support Cappagh Hospital Foundation.

What’s most important is that your fundraiser works for you. We’re here to support you however we can, however you choose to fundraise. If you would like to have a chat about more options please contact Valeria@chf.ie.

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