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The Cappagh Hospital Foundation is the official charity partner of the National Orthopaedic Hospital Cappagh. Our mission is to raise funds to support projects that significantly improve the experience of patients. As the Hospital’s spending is constrained by public funding, it depends on the generosity and support of CHF patrons to finance essential projects that can enhance patient care.

Cappagh Kids

Cappagh Kids is a hospital that specialises in treating children and teenagers between the ages of 2 and 18 who suffer from painful and debilitating conditions affecting the growth of their bones and muscles. The hospital provides a comprehensive Limb Reconstruction Programme to treat patients with limb deficits, inequality, and rare bone diseases. In addition, they offer services for patients with scoliosis, hip conditions (including the rare condition Perthes’), clubfoot, and a range of other musculoskeletal disorders.

CHF is working with Cappagh Kids to improve their hospital experience for young patients. CHF is raising money to:

  • Purchase iPads and headphones to keep waiting patients entertained during their stay
  • Create a sensory room for children with special needs
  • Purchase a Broselow Code Cart to ensure the safety of patients visiting the Outpatient Clinic
  • Develop a playground with physio equipment to assist patient recovery

Adult Orthopaedics!

The National Orthopaedic Hospital Cappagh is renowned for its innovative and pioneering surgical procedures, particularly in joint replacement surgery. However, the hospital also offers treatment for various conditions affecting the upper and lower limbs and the spine. Unfortunately, long national waiting lists for orthopaedic care are causing patients to wait months and even years for their first consultation. This delay in treatment leads to worsening conditions and reduced quality of life for the patients. To address this issue, CHF is collaborating with the National Orthopaedic Hospital to raise funds for new technologies, resources, and infrastructural improvements that will enable the hospital to treat more patients.

We are currently raising funds for:

  • Purchasing a spinal robot will enable more spinal surgeries and improved outcomes.
  • Purchasing a surgical simulator manikin for multi-disciplinary (MDT) surgical training will improve student training and MDT collaboration and enhance surgical efficacy.

The Bone Tumour Centre

The National Orthopaedic Hospital is the Primary Centre for Bone and Soft Tissue Tumours and a dedicated surgical oncology centre for the National Sarcoma Service. We treat patients of all ages, providing biopsies and diagnoses, tumour removal and disease surveillance. We know that a cancer diagnosis is devastating for the patient and their family, and each CT or MRI scan is approached with nervousness and anxiety. Up to recently, patients had to transfer to another hospital for CT imaging, which prolonged the agony for patients. CHF helped raise funds to purchase a new CT scanner at the hospital, which began service in 2022.

Through fundraising, we hope to:

  • Improve outpatient facilities for patients visiting the hospital for the first time and those returning for postoperative appointments and ongoing disease surveillance.
  • Introduce a family room so patients can escape the ward and spend quality time with their loved ones.

The Centre for Rehabilitation

The Centre for Rehabilitation provides personalised rehabilitation programmes for senior patients recovering from an accident or illness. These patients have lost function, ability, and confidence. The Centre aims to return patients to independent living. Weekdays are busy at the Centre, as the patients are put through their paces, however, the weekends can seem longer, as there’s little stimulation.

CHF is helping the hospital to Fund the following:

  • A tranquillity garden where patients can enjoy nature and the outdoors and try their hand at some gardening.
  • A social lounge where patients can dance, listen to music, play cards and board games and watch movies.​

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