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Cappagh Hospital Foundation, with your donations, has been able to support the advancement of education through teaching and training in Orthopaedics at National Orthopaedic Hospital Cappagh.

There have been over 60 Fellowships sponsored since 1988 and over 20 lectures held in The Lady Martin Auditorium.

The reason it is so important to support further education and training for medical professionals is to continue to assist staff provide the highest quality, up to date care for it’s patients.

Some of these have included specialist foot and ankle training in adults and children with Professor M. Stephens:

James O’Sullivan (Australia) July to December 1997

Mark Blackney (Australia) January to June 1999

Nilish Makwana (England) July to December 1999

Jurgen Wacker (Germany) January to June 2000

Nick Harris (England) July to December 2000

Hagop Kiyork (Australia) January to June 2001

Roderick Coull (England) July to December 2001

Mark Herron (England) January to June 2002

Ali Alekri (Bahrain) July to December 2002

Matt Solan (England) January to June 2003

Andrew Wines (Australia) July to December 2003

John Limbers (Australia) January to June 2004

Chan Jeer (England) July to December 2004

Richard Freihaut (Australia) January to June 2005

Hamish Leslie (New Zealand) July to December 2005

K. Srikumar (India) January to June 2006

Alex Eleftheropoulos (Greece) January to June 2007

Shaun England (Australia) July to December 2007

Anthony Perera (Wales) January to June 2008

Roland Russell (England) July to December 2008

Richard Haene (South Africa) January to June 2009

James Stanley (England) July to December 2009

Yeung Yeung (Hong Kong) January to June 2010

Richard Cove (England) July to December 2010

Kate Thomason (England) March to December 2011


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